We are experts and practice as well as litigate in the areas of cyber security, cyber crimes, IT Act, 2000 (Data theft, Source code theft, Hacking, DDoS, Ransomeware, Virus, Pornography laws, facebook abuse, online defamation, child pornography laws, Cyber stalking, revenge porn, Ecommerce laws,), IPR (Trademark & Copyright registration and cases), Financial & EOW.crimes (Online Banking frauds, Crptocurrency &Blockchain, AI, credit card frauds, email fraud, matrimonial frauds, Stock market frauds, MLM frauds), Privacy law, Digital Wallet issues, Electronic evidence issues, IT Act, 2000 Compliance and Privacy Law Compliance.We provide expert opinion on various matters where ever technology and law intersects. We practice in different courts across the country as expert legal counsels. We take matters pertaining to Expert Arguments, Bails, Cross Examinations, Appeals, Drafting & vetting of petitions involving technology, electronic evidence.

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